Experienced Louisiana Wrongful Death Attorneys

Losing a loved one is always difficult but when the death was preventable, it is simply beyond tragic. When a fatality in New Orleans occurs due to negligence, the family of the victim may be eligible to recover compensation through a wrongful death personal injury lawsuit. The Law Offices of Michelle D. Robert works with the families of victims of wrongful death to help them find some semblance of closure by recovering some of the financial losses incurred.

Death may be inevitable, but no one should have their life taken from them through another person’s negligence or mistakes. Wrongful death lawsuits in Louisiana seek to examine the circumstances that lead to the death of a victim. Many wrongful deaths may be labeled accidents, but they were still likely preventable, and therefore, avoidable.

A seasoned Louisiana wrongful death lawyer from The Law Offices of Michelle D. Robert can uncover evidence and perform painstaking investigations to reveal the facts pointing to negligence. They can also negotiate or litigate your claim to win the highest possible compensation for your family from the liable party or entity.

Types of Louisiana Wrongful Death Lawsuits

Many wrongful deaths in Louisiana are caused each year due to airplane crashes, explosions, catastrophic accidents and car crashes with multiple fatalities. Single-person fatalities are just as heart-breaking, such as an innocent victim in a car crash caused by a distracted driver. The Law Offices of Michelle D. Robert handles these and other types of wrongful death lawsuits in Louisiana, including:

  • Car, truck and motorcycle accidents
  • Construction site accidents
  • Product liability
  • Premise liability

Each wrongful death claim is unique and may be subject to other laws, which can complicate matters. Your legal team from The Law Offices of Michelle D. Robert has the skills and expertise to handle the most complex wrongful death claims, and we care about what happens to your family. We will not allow you to suffer these terrible circumstances alone and without legal protection.

Seeking Compensation in New Orleans for a Wrongful Death Claim

While no dollar amount can be placed on the value of a life, the financial hardships suffered by the victim’s family and loved ones deserve compensation; and the party or parties responsible should pay a price for their negligence. Funeral expenses, medical costs, damaged property, lost income in the present and the future and emotional loss can all be compensated through a wrongful death lawsuit. At times, the courts may also award punitive damages for some negligent actions.

Wrongful death claims are delicate and can uncover raw feelings and emotions. Our team at The Law Offices of Michelle D. Robert knows the pain you feel and will fight to honor the life of the loved one you lost. Our goal is to provide the absolute largest settlement possible to help your family deal with this unspeakable tragedy.

Experienced Wrongful Deaths Representation in New Orleans

Most wrongful death lawsuits in Louisiana must be filed within one year from the date of the victim’s death, so time is of the essence. If you believe your loved one died due to a fatal injury caused by negligence, do not wait to get the legal counsel and representation you need. Contact The Law Offices of Michelle D. Robert by phone or online to discuss your claim in a free consultation.