Experienced Louisiana Product Liability Attorneys

Everyday objects and products can be dangerously flawed. When these items cause a personal injury, innocent consumers may pursue a product liability personal injury lawsuit to recover compensation. The product manufacturer and others may be liable for your injuries if the product was defectively designed or manufactured. The Law Offices of Michelle D. Robert in New Orleans protects the rights of unwitting consumers who have been injured by defective products.

What Constitutes a Defective Product?

Under Louisiana product liability laws, any item sold to a consumer that causes injury may qualify as a defective product, making the manufacturer liable for your injuries. If your case qualifies, you may be entitled to compensation from the manufacturer for medical costs, lost wages from time off work while you recover and other costs.

Certain questions will guide the court in determining if a product is defective and responsible for causing a personal injury. A Louisiana product liability attorney will work to establish that the product was designed and/or manufactured with flaws or was otherwise unsafe. Questions the court will consider include:

  1. Is there a flaw in the product design that escaped notice of quality control?
  2. Was there an error in the manufacturing process of an otherwise safe product?
  3. Were proper instructions and/or warning labels supplied with the product?
  4. Was the product being used as it was intended?
  5. Did the product defect cause the injury in question?

These questions may spark others, and product liability cases can quickly become complicated. You need the professional and experienced services of a compassionate product liability lawyer to protect your interests and pursue your claim. Product manufacturers and insurance companies will have teams of attorneys to try and discredit these claims; they will do almost anything to keep the news of a defective product from becoming public.

What are Some Common Unsafe Products?

Product designers and manufacturers go to great lengths to create and produce products that are safe and useful for consumers. Errors can happen, and defective products can sometimes reach the public and cause serious injuries. This can be a single product or an entire line of unsafe items with material defects.

When these products are discovered, they are removed from the marketplace until changes can be made. Many products have been recalled because unsafe operation has caused injuries. Some common products that have been unsafe and caused injuries or illness include:

  • Tainted meat or produce
  • Defective car seats
  • Defective automobile seat backs
  • Medical devices
  • Pressure cookers
  • Toys
  • Chemical substances
  • Tools
  • Some FDA-approved medications

Who Can Be Held Responsible in Product Liability Cases?

In cases of product liability, there can be more than one entity held responsible for your injuries. Product manufacturers and designers are the primary parties that are liable when a product causes a consumer injury, but retailers that sell the products may also be liable. The act of selling a product generally means the seller approves and recommends the product as safe and suitable for use. A seasoned product liability attorney can advise you more about your particular case and which parties can be held responsible for your injuries.

Experienced Personal Injury Representation in New Orleans

When you or a loved one have been injured by a consumer product, a product liability attorney from The Law Offices of Michelle D. Robert can help you pursue a personal injury lawsuit against the liable party or entities to recover compensation. Your rights, your welfare and your needs are our absolute first priority. Our legal team gives you our full attention and leverages every possible resource to negotiate or litigate your case to a successful conclusion.